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Physiotherapy in Dublin

Invite to Portobello Physiotherapy Center among Dublin’s the majority of recognized practices easily located in south Dublin near the city centre. Our approach to treatment is hands-on targeted at pleasing the particular requirements of our clients and supplying the highest possible requirement of care.We focus on providing a total and detailed musculoskeletal assessment so that the reasons for pain and not merely the signs are addressed.Our commitment
to continued training and upgrading our abilities suggests that our clients take advantage of the very best and most essential treatment approaches.We deal with a big variety

of musculoskeletal conditions including neck pain and neck and back pain, sports injuries and work associated injuries, post-operative rehabilitation, foot discomfort and orthotics prescription. The clinics place and flexible opening times makes us perfect for clients attempting to book consultations beyond normal working hours< a target=" _ self" href="" >. Offered Treatments

Our Suppliers We deal with a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions including neck pain and pain in the back, sports injuries and work associated injuries, post-operative rehab, foot pain and orthotics prescription. The centers place and versatile opening times makes us ideal for clients attempting to book assessments beyond normal working hours.

< a href="" target=" _ self "> Pain in the back Lower pain in the back is the most normal problem seen in physiotherapy practices across the western world. Neck Pain Neck pain http://can result from injury to any of the structures in the neck consisting of the muscles, ligaments, nerves, joints and discs.

< a href= "" target=" _ self" >< a href="" >< a href= "" > Sports Injuries At Portobello Physiotherapy in Dublin our objective is to absolutely restore you back to have a good time with minimal lack from the video game.

Orthotics The normal individual takes 7,500 steps a day! The foot takes in between 2-3 times our body weight in force when we stroll.

< a href= "" target=" _ self" >< a href="" >< img src=" 200w, 340w" width=" 340" height=" 283" alt=""/ > Pilates is a specific type of workout that wishes to train the muscles which stabilise & support the back spinal column, hips, hips.< a href ="" target=" _ self" >< a href="" > Performing Arts Health Dr Juliet Bressan is a GP and< a href="" target

=” _ self “>< a href="" > public health physician and is the president of Carrying out Arts Medicine Ireland.

< a href= "" target=" _ self ">< a href="" > Sports Massage Sports massage uses specific massage methods to control muscle, tendon, ligament and fascia.

< a href="" > Dry Needling Dry needling is a method of launching myofascial trigger points (MTrP) that establish within a muscle.

Individual Training At Portobello Physiotherapy our company think in Practical Training that targets soft tissue quality and flexibility.” Portobello center thank you for the wonderful treatment I got in your hands. An unique thanks to the team at Portobello Physio for the medical diagnosis and the attention I received. In all my years in sport I would specify that Portobello is the best physio clinic I have actually been to.”

Paddy Murphy Former president and current vice president of Golfing Union of Ireland

” I got treatment over the duration of a number of months following a fracture to my foot. Portobello Physiotherapy center offers a level of care second to none. I felt I remained in safe hands to assist my recovery and help me get back to full fitness. “

Reiltin O’ Connor

” Exceptionally unwinded atmosphere with a professional service and expert assistance” … their physio’s are super-efficient with dealing with a series of sports injuries, assisting our elite student-athletes obtain optimum fitness. “

Niamh O’Callaghan Manager of the Elite Specialist Professional Athlete Assistance Program at Dublin Institute of Technology

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